Getting started…!

Hi..! My name is John…! Let me tell you a little story about myself and how i got involved with jewelleries..!

I grew up in a small town in Greece called Tripoli. Since i was a little man it came to my understanding that i enjoy drawing things. I also liked cars but this is a completely different story..! So…about the first one, i got myself having a whole drawing collection before the age of 5..! In my  non-drawing time i used to break things and tear the house apart…! Until i was ten years old i thought my name was “put it down”…! I still break things but now i know how to fix them! Enough about my restless childhood..!

Now i’m an architect with speciality in rennovation and restoration of buildings! I still paint some times! It’s not exactly painting with colours, it’s more like sketches..! So…i’m in a coffee shop in Athens ( i forgot to tell you that now i live in Athens) having my morning coffee and i sit all by myself, just me and my sketchbook…! At the moment i’m sketching a rainy walk in a park..! This is the sketch :


Right about the time i finished it, a really beautiful woman was sitting at the next table and saw my sketch! She turns around and tells me that it’s a really beautiful sketch! That was it..! Now i only have a photo of it in my computer…! She still has the original sketch with my name and number on the back! 😉 I mean who am i..! I feel like a king..! I’m still waiting for her call…! It’s only been two years but i’m a patient guy, she might fell asleep or something..! Not important..!  The important thing is that i desplayed all my sketches to her and in a particular one she saw some lines i had drew and she askes me : “Is this an earring? “. “Of course” i tell her “i make jewelleries, this is my second job because i don’t like to get bored”…! Guess what..! I had to do it..! What would a guy do to get laid..! The thing is that i enjoyed it…! I really like crafting things. As a kid i used to make sculptures out of cast! So this is it…! This is how i started this occupation..! The name of my site is MYTHICA…!


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