The first one…!

So here i am again..! Last time i told you a story! This time i want to show you what i did to back my story up!

In order to make this supposed earring i had to buy some things! First of all i needed the material. So i go out searching something looking gold! I feagured women are into gold so i was certain i had her! Bollocks!! Never mind, i finally found a material i really like working on! Brass! The second thing i had to buy was something to cut this metal…So fretsaw it is! After buying these things all i had to do was start working…

So, fisrt of all i go to my pc and make a copy of the lines i had drew! Piece of cake! After that i take this copy and i affixed it to the brass. At the end i took the fretsaw and cut it off! My fisrt attempt was a massive failure..! I didn’t gave up, second time was much better(still a failure..!). I figuder third time’s the charm! And then it hit me..! A nice ass increases your patience!! Go figure! Now i’m gonna show you my masterpiece!



Booom..!!  This is Jonnyb(my nickname!)!!! At this point i have to say that this picture was taken a few months later when i decided to go for this jewellery thing..! In case you wonder about the engraving i have to say that i did it along with the photoshooting with a dremel machine i bought..! That’s all about this earring..! The good thing is that this design went viral the following months! I have allready sold the unreal number of….wait for it…..10!!!!!


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