Body lines…!

Every thought, every conclusion we make, almost everything in the world has a trigger event, that took place and made our brain work at the time! I believe this is how the hole world evolved… It’s not mine to arrogate but i believe someone must have said that! So, i was sitting in my room and i found myself staring at a painting..! It was a beautiful canvas, made by cilicone and spray paint, that i once bought in an island i have been to..!  It pictured a woman’s figure standing on a beach during a sunset! Trully amazing and completely subtractive! That made me think!  In no time,  i started sketching female figures! I mean i’m obsessed in finding the best position that showcases the woman’s beauty..! After hours of sketching i finally got it! Instantly, i combined the side view of the human face and when i was done i started designing the earrings! I forgot to tell you that this day was all about earrings! The only thing i will hide from you is my favourite woman’s body position! That, must be left to your imagination! I guess i might reveal it in a following post..! 😉

earrings black 3


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