Sisters persistence

Well, i’m back! This time I’ll show you a necklace i made last month! The story behind this necklace is,what else, but my sister’s persistence!  When my sister saw that i was good with jewelleries she couldn’t help it(i mean she’s a woman,how could she!) and asked me to make her a necklace. “Ask” is a plain word! Almost too plain to describe what i went through! More like she BUSTED MY BALLS! But that is another story! Her order was to make a double necklace so she could wear it in many different ways! A blue one..! As soon as I was done, the only thing that crossed my mind was that she wanted to strap someone onto her! It was that long!! I cannot show you the pic she took with her boyfriend, both of them wearing the necklace  around their necks and making faces but i can show you the one i took for my site! So, there you go! Please enjoy..!!



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